Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Numerous #22 signs given

In 2009-2010 when I was visiting California for several months, everywhere I went I was getting 22 signs. I could show you from my 2009 Facebook history posts. At the time I didn't know what they meant. I thought they were just the #22 pointing to a time of fullness because like the biblical number 7,  22 is a similar number meaning fullness or completion, a severing or a time of cutting off (22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet; 22 as original count of old testament books; 22 chapters in Revelation; Tishri 22 the last day on God's sacred calendar).

For instance on September 22nd, 2009 , I was flyering cars in the Bay Area back then. I  look  at my  cell  phone.  It  reads 1:22. I was just catching on to those signs at the time and so  I prayed, God show me when it's 2:22. I go back to flyering cars, totally forgetting that prayer and an hour later boom! It hits me like lightning. I check my cell phone. It read 2:22.  I later go back to my van and I count 11 bundles of flyers and 11 water bottles I kept in the same bin (22). At that same time I did an inventory of how many flyers I delivered that day. It was rounded off to 2200 flyers. I then go to my Facebook page and it says I have 22 messages to check and look down at the time and my laptop time reads 7:22. What a day! That was 7 #22 signs on that 22nd of September. That time was super supernatural for me even though I really didn't know what was going on at the time.

On October 29th 2009,  I had a call from area code 202 at 4:22 and it took my phone minutes to 222 minutes left. About 2 hours later, I catch 222 posts in a forum I started.  I then catch 222 views of a YouTube video I made. I then see I have 22 updates on my Facebook page. That was 6 #22 signs that day. 

Here's a further experience that blew my mind with these #22 signs. I was leaving the bay area and headed to Southern California. My first stop in So Cal was Santa Barbara, so from my GPS I randomly hit a spot on the  Santa Barbara GPS map and continued on. This is early December 2009 and previously, not only was I getting many #22 signs but also mind blowing 911 signs, meaning California 911 emergency alert, the mega quake is coming.

So it's night time. I notice as I'm coming to the address my GPS randomly punched in takes me to, my odometer is starting to come to 911. I figured I'd let the GPS play out and go to the exact random address it takes me to. I'm at the end of the GPS directions. I pull over and park. My odometer reads 911 miles. I get out of my van and go to the nearest building to see the address. It was night time  so  I  had  to  go up to the building to find out what the address was. The address on the building read 2220. I'm speechless. How can this be? 2220 at 911 miles, ending at the random GPS location punched in hours ago? Hello!

I was getting incredible 911 signs on both my lower and upper odometers, every time.  While in the bay area I had a minor fender bender accident on 9/29/09.  At the very point of the accident, my odometer reads 911.1 miles. Ha! Then I hear in the Spirit, " 911! A crash is coming from the mega quake." 

My 1st day in California entering, my odometer hits 911. On 9/11/09, my odometer hits 911 miles at 11:11am (22). The 1st day in San Francisco, the prophesied epicenter, my odometer reads 911.

When I entered into LA, the 1st 2 buses I saw were bus #2 and bus #222 and no other bus numbers that day. I get my van insurance bill. It says I  owe $222 on it. I pump gas and the pump stops at $22.22. After a few weeks of these 22 signs, I look at my sneakers. They are New Balance #622 sneakers.

Numerous #22 signs like this. Many of these #22 signs were not just “noticing” the number 22 with mind games, but were out of my control.

Get this! On my last day in California, I wake up in the morning from sleep to leave, hop in my van driver's seat and  to start the engine to go home! And BOOM! My odometer says 192,222 miles.

Even when I get back to Tennessee from that long California trip I see cop cars #202 and #222 for 2 weeks and no other numbered cop cars. I apply for a federal tax ID to start a business. The number given ends in 222. I ask in prayer on 1-10-11(=22) to show me a sign. I then pull my phone out of my pocket. Random pocket #s punched on it are 222-2. On 2-22-11, I asked for a sign and not only did the 2nd major Christ Church, NZ quake happen that day, but for the 1st time, I saw the manufacturing plate on my van. It said my van had turned 22 years old that month. On April 22nd that year,  I call  a  friend  and  it  takes  my  phone minutes to 622 minutes left at exactly 11:22 am.

All of this was pointing to the year 2022. Do you see why my experiencing these  signs is overwhelming evidence to me?